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CovidGuards Portable Emergency Ventilator

Product Characteristics

Portable emergency ventilator suitable for adult and children.

Used for various treatment environments, such as, emergency room, operating theatre, ambulances, patient transfers and first-aids.

Can be portable with oxygen cylinder.

Invasive and non-invasive ventilation in accordance to the patient needs.

Alarm and monitoring system.

Built-in battery and on vehicle power connector.

Inspiration halt convenient for sucking phlegm

Oxygen concentration: 48 - 100%.

Respiratory rate: 4bpm ~ 80bpm.

Tidal volume: 0,5ml ~ 1500ml.

Ventilation mode: A/C, SIMV, SPONT, SIGH, NIPPV, manual.

Monitoring parameters: tidal volume, minute volume, respiratory rate, peak airway pressure limit.

Alarm parameters: upper airway pressure limit, lower airway pressure limit, low battery, power supply failure

Waveforms display.

LCD screen display.

PEEP valve, humidifier, trolley, transport supporting arm.

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